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Recent production:
Angel Signs
a celestial guide
to the powers
of your own guardian angel
second edition

New Paperback Version
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Angel Signs: A Celestial Guide to the Powers of Your Own Guardian Angel (Volume 1)

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Professional Services Book Video Publishing


Select and Coordinate various Professional Services at Every Step of the Book Publishing Process.

- Book Identification (ISBN, LCCN)
- Book Interior Design
- Cover Graphic Design
- Promotion & Marketing

- Create Stunning Audio-Video Trailer
  for worldwide pub, etc) ic view (YouTube
For ALL artists (painters, musicians, writers....)

Samples of Audio-Video produced by Manakael Masterworks, published on YouTube:
(The art works of Nicholas Peluso (Painter)

(The Ten Sacred, a philosophical novel - Book Trailer)
(Angel Signs, learn the exact name of your Guardian Angel - Book Trailer)

New Clients:
Ann K Moceyunas: Cello player-Concertist
Simha Seraya: paintings

Manakael MasterWorks’s expert consultants in the field of book publishing do not participate in the selection of manuscripts, nor advise on the contents in any way.
(Analogically, only wondrous bees (authors) are empowered to produce pure honey, not the beekeepers whose task is to provide the hive and safeguard the surroundings of the hive).

Authors temporarily contracting with Manakael MasterWorks are deemed to be Free Creators selecting to diffuse their ideas and ideals through modern Independent Publishing Networks.

Our contracts are short term, services are limited in scope. At each step of the Publishing Process Manakael MasterWorks responsibility and involvement ceases at the exact moment the author enters into contract sequentially with each Professional Service of his/her choice.
(i.e. copyediting, book interior styling etc).

Potential “clients” will always be reminded, prior to any commitment with Manakael Masterworks, that they can find in the Internet - at no cost but time spent- all information regarding the various Publishing Services they may need.

 Benefit: Manakael MasterWorks’ founders experience (themselves writers) offers, case by case, an initiation to “Freedom Publishing”*, resulting in valueless “time saving” and “anxiety reduction”.

Fees: during our first contact we shall compare your evaluation and our evaluation of the service to be rendered.


*Note: We coined the term “Freedom Publishing” to replace the common misleading “Self Publishing” terminology, as Book Publishing is and shall always be a collective work.



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