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Second Edition
Publication Date:

Jul 29 2011




LCCN: 2001024644


Page Count: 256


Binding Type: US Trade Paper


Trim Size:7.5" x 9.25"


Language: English


Color: Black and White


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Body, Mind & Spirit / Angels & Spirit Guides


Learn the Name of your Guardian Angel

Angel Signs

A Celestial Guide to the Powers of Your Own Guardian Angel

Authored by Albert Haldane, Simha Seraya

The sheer originality of the reference book Angel Signs is to reveal the exact name and identity of your own Guardian Angel. It thus enables you to effectively communicate intimately, build a daily relationship with your most devoted celestial friend and share in the spiritual bounty bestowed on you at the time of your birth.
Get the help you need every time you need it!
This book is based on decades of research and discoveries by the authors in angelology, kabalah, fundamental linguistics and celestial symbolism as recorded in ancient traditions.
To validate the information, provided by ancient traditions -often distorted when presented in shallow translations in various books- the authors rely on the original Hebrew text in the Old Testament where 72 Angel Names are purposefully encrypted. They broke the code anew, like many sages did in the past, and therefore bring to the contemporary minds the exact pristine names of 72 Guardian Angels, known to minister human births throughout the year. Thanks to their specific linguistic expertise applied to kabalah the authors disclose the hidden powers and virtues encrypted in each Angel's name.

The reading of the book Angel Signs will stimulate your innate celestial powers and strengthen the links between you and the celestial realm. In turn, those Guardian Angels celestial powers will help you transform your personal latent virtues into effective talents and skills during your entire life on Earth.

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About the Authors

    Simha Seraya, a gifted psychic, inspirational mentor and angelologist is a Graduate of Paris  Sorbonne University, major in Psychology and Sociology. Fluent in English, French, Hebrew and Classical Arabic, she is also a long-time dedicated researcher and discoverer of the fundamental linguistic components and elements  constitutive of all languages, ancient and modern.  She lives, writes and paints in New York and Florida.

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Albert Haldane, is a published cosmic poetry author and philosopher-metaphysician. Continuing his classical education in ancient Greek and Latin, he graduated at Paris Sorbonne University, Master in Hellenistic and Renaissance Philosophy. Assiduous meta-ethicist, hermeneutist and futurologist Albert lives and writes in New York and Florida.

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